MonsterMash- Open Source Animationstool (Computergrafik)

"We present a new framework for sketch-based modeling and animation of 3D organic shapes that can work entirely in an intuitive 2D domain, enabling a playful, casual experience. Unlike previous sketch-based tools, our approach does not require a tedious part-based multi-view workflow with the explicit specification of an animation rig. Instead, we combine 3D inflation with a novel rigidity-preserving, layered deformation model, ARAP-L, to produce a smooth 3D mesh that is immediately ready for animation." Hauptsächlich mit C++ gebaut. https://dcgi.fel.cvut.cz/home/sykorad/monster_mash Gibt eine Übersicht über das Tool sowie den Code und das dazugehörige Abstract etc. monstermash.zone ist die Demo des Tools im Browser.


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