My personal setup for tools on Mac

I just installed my Mac from scratch, dropped a lot of old stuff but found out there is something I was really missing after clean install:

On my terminal (using iTerm2) I installed the following tools:

For git the git-extras project adds a lot of comfort. The are command (abbreviations) for

  • delete-merged-branches
  • rename-tag and reauthor
  • reset-file
  • changelog and a lot more.

I personal use oh-my-zsh with the zsh-syntax-highlighting and zsh-autosuggestions (both available via brew). My favorite theme is agnoster with solarized dark colors in iterm2.

Of course I had also install cw for aws logfiles and jq for json data.

For arranging windows I am still using Magnet (available via AppStore). I have also installed the FiraSans font via brew and set it as my default font for coding.

Cause I am writing a lot of english stuff (coding is more or less english), I switched to an english keyboard layoard. Cause I do not want to switch every time, I have used an english keyboard with german umlauts as my default layout.

My Mac has a touchbar but no escape key. To fix this I have remaped the caps lock to the escape key.



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