Besseres SEO durch Untertitel im Web?

When your employer produces an image video and you ask yourself why it does not have any subtitles.

Deaf people are not really your target audience

But how about when your phone is muted, when you are in a loud environment, ... Impairt does not mean all the time.

vlcsnap-2022-08-12-12h00m38s037 Testing Web Accessibility by Adrián Bolonio

And to improve SEO?

i'm sorry but NO 😩. I did not find any information regarding google indexing subtitles.

Google Speech-to-Text

API from Google for transcribing audio content with accurate captions. All customers get 60 minutes for free per month.

In order to use this we need the audio of our image video as an wav file (not mp3).

$ ffmpeg -i Imagevideo-newcubator-1080.webm Imagevideo-newcubator-1080.wav

This auto file we can then give to the google speech-to-text service. (https://console.cloud.google.com/speech/transcriptions/imagevideo-newcubator-720-b4ee1092432122cc4b4a37d4518b45cc-3d780f784be3685e-4d0e2/workspace/newcubator/recognitionTask/19199a3a-9091-492e-be63-a9360db218ac?project=arkania-253918&supportedpurview=project)


As a result we get a nice JSON file with the exact position of each recognizes word. But this is no help for my VLC Player or any Web-Browser. What we want is an srt file. Luckily google has a sample project for that 😃

git clone https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/community.git
cd community/tutorials/speech2srt
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
gcloud iam service-accounts keys create ~/Desktop/ml-dev.json --iam-account ml-dev@arkania-253918.iam.gserviceaccount.com
python3 speech2srt.py --storage_uri gs://newcubator/imagevideo-newcubator-720-b4ee1092432122cc4b4a37d4518b45cc.wav --language_code de --audio_channel_count 2 --sample_rate_hertz 44100

Time to see some results and have some fun. The speech-to-text subtitles are not perfect in any way but a lot of help. In order to tweek the result I found happyscribe



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