Thinking out of the box and let AI do the work

Problem: "Deliver geojsons asap with a field_id as filename, created in folders grouped by farmer_id. The folders should be named after the farmer_id. The content of the geojsons should be the geometry."


The solution was to export an SQL statement as a CSV, and ChatGPT built a Python script that created the folder structure.

Prompt: "I have a CSV file with the following structure. field_id, farmer_id, geometry bec33b29-1a69-4800-9d2c-ae11ff6a3888,b7bc9888-5e8a-42ae-805f-209f233bf992,"{""type"":""Polygon"",""coordinates"":[[[..."

followed by: "Write a script that creates GeoJSONs with the job_id as file names, grouped by farmer_id into folders named after the farmer_id. The content of the GeoJSONs should be the geometry."





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