22.7.2020 |

Bucket4J to Rate-Limit certain Endpoints

Reference: https://github.com/vladimir-bukhtoyarov/bucket4j


public LoadingCache<Farm, Bucket> buildRateLimitBucketCache() {
    LoadingCache<Farm, Bucket> cache = CacheBuilder.newBuilder()
        .expireAfterWrite(10, TimeUnit.MINUTES)
        .build(new CacheLoader<>() {
            public Bucket load(Farm farm) {
                Bandwidth limit = Bandwidth.simple(capacity, duration);
                return Bucket4j.builder().addLimit(limit).build();

    return cache;


Bucket bucket = rateLimitBucketCache.get(farmerPrincipal.getFarm());
if (!bucket.tryConsume(1)) {
    throw Problem.builder()
        .withTitle("To many requests")
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