20.1.2021 |

Pulling without specifying how to reconcile divergent branches

Since Git 2.27 i get a warning when pulling.

hint: Pulling without specifying how to reconcile divergent branches is
hint: discouraged. You can squelch this message by running one of the following
hint: commands sometime before your next pull:
hint:   git config pull.rebase false  # merge (the default strategy)
hint:   git config pull.rebase true   # rebase
hint:   git config pull.ff only       # fast-forward only
hint: You can replace "git config" with "git config --global" to set a default
hint: preference for all repositories. You can also pass --rebase, --no-rebase,
hint: or --ff-only on the command line to override the configured default per
hint: invocation.

When you do a git pull origin master, git pull performs a merge, which often creates a merge commit. Therefore, by default, pulling from the remote is NOT a harmless operation: it can create a new commit sha that didn’t exist before. This behavior can confuse a user, because what feels like it should be a harmless download operation actually changes the commit history in unpredictable ways. https://stackoverflow.com/a/62653400/531592


$ git pull --ff-only

or event better as a global default with

$ git config --global pull.ff only
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