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The strategy pattern (also known as policy pattern) is used to select an algorithm or strategy at runtime. The programmer provides different algorithms for a certain task e.g. sorting. These can then be selected at runtime by clients. image

Due to the nature of this pattern it favors composition over inheritance.

Example from Wikipedia:

/* Encapsulated family of Algorithms
 * Interface and its implementations
public interface IBrakeBehavior {
    public void brake();

public class BrakeWithABS implements IBrakeBehavior {
    public void brake() {
        System.out.println("Brake with ABS applied");

public class Brake implements IBrakeBehavior {
    public void brake() {
        System.out.println("Simple Brake applied");

/* Client that can use the algorithms above interchangeably */
public abstract class Car {
    private IBrakeBehavior brakeBehavior;

    public Car(IBrakeBehavior brakeBehavior) {
      this.brakeBehavior = brakeBehavior;

    public void applyBrake() {

    public void setBrakeBehavior(IBrakeBehavior brakeType) {
        this.brakeBehavior = brakeType;

/* Client 1 uses one algorithm (Brake) in the constructor */
public class Sedan extends Car {
    public Sedan() {
        super(new Brake());

/* Client 2 uses another algorithm (BrakeWithABS) in the constructor */
public class SUV extends Car {
    public SUV() {
        super(new BrakeWithABS());

/* Using the Car example */
public class CarExample {
    public static void main(final String[] arguments) {
        Car sedanCar = new Sedan();
        sedanCar.applyBrake();  // This will invoke class "Brake"

        Car suvCar = new SUV();
        suvCar.applyBrake();    // This will invoke class "BrakeWithABS"

        // set brake behavior dynamically
        suvCar.setBrakeBehavior( new Brake() );
        suvCar.applyBrake();    // This will invoke class "Brake"
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