2.9.2020 |

What are Cloud Native Buildpacks


In the last 5 years "Docker Image"'s have become the most prevalent way for storing and shipping applications. Although we often use the Docker Buzz word, iby now it has mostly little to do with the company Docker, Inc. or the Docker software product.

The Open Container Initiative was formed as an open governance structure for the express purpose of creating open industry standards around container formats and runtimes. Docker has donated its container format and runtime as the basis.

This opened the marked for different runtimes (Possible Kubernetes Container Runtimes).

Container Runtimes:

  • runC from Docker
  • Containerd (CNCF Graduated)
  • CRI-O (CNCF Incubating)
  • rkt (acquired and discontinued by Red Hat)

Side Note: AWS uses Containerd + KVM with there Firecracker virtualization technology for products like Lambda (firecracker-containerd).

The Open standard also lead to new tools for building container images.
  1. Docker via dockerfiles scripts
  2. Docker via multi-stage builds
  3. Jib Higher Level from Google ...
And now BuildKit

A combined project out of Heroku and Cloud Foundry.

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