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Lucas, Jonathan, Kiya | 09.08.2023

Android Wireless Debugging

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Android smartphones offer wireless debugging capabilities through developer options. This feature requires the Android Debug Bridge (adb) and a smartphone with Android 11+. The adb tool is included in the Android SDK, so no additional installation is necessary. Follow the steps below to establish the connection:

  1. Your Mac and smartphone should be on the same network.

  2. Your smartphone should be in Developer Mode (Guide on how to enable Developer Mode).

  3. Enable the Debugging over WiFi option from the developer options on your smartphone.


  1. Under the menu, select Pair device with pairing code and leave the modal window open.

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  1. Navigate through the terminal to the <android-sdk>/platform-tools folder (standard SDK path: /Users/<user>/Library/Android/sdk).

  2. Execute pairing with adb pair ipaddr:port (Example: adb pair Note! The pairing port changes with each attempt!

  3. Enter the pairing code (Example: 519446).

  4. Execute the connection with adb connect ipaddr:port (Example: Note! The port used here is different from the pairing port!


If you encounter issues while pairing or if the connection fails, try forgetting the WiFi on both devices and reconnect again.

Enjoy a clutter-free desk with one less cable.

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