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Lucas, Kiya | 05.07.2023

Interactive Package Management with npm-check

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With npm-check, you can quickly identify if your packages are outdated or if you have dependencies that are no longer in use. This is an incredibly useful feature, especially in larger webdevelopment projects with a lot of dependencies that take a lot of space on your computer.

When you run the command "npm-check -u", it brings up a user interface that gives an overview of your installed packages. You can individually select each entry and decide whether you want to update respective package. This interactive interface also provides exhaustive details about each update, such as the new version available and any changes that are involved.

This nifty tool helps maintain the health of your codebase by ensuring that you are using the most updated and efficient version of your dependencies. Happy coding!

  • What is npm-check?
  • How does npm-check work?
  • How to update individual packages?
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