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Dennis, Kiya | 14.8.2023

Lazy Loading of Components without Router Modules

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Sometimes, you need to lazy load a component without the overhead and inefficiency of importing the router module.

This can be accomplished by using the lifecycle hook "AfterViewInit".

Here's an example code for your understanding:


1<ng-container #dfc></ng-container>


1export class AppComponent implements AfterViewInit {
2    @ViewChildren('dfc', { read: ViewContainerRef })
3    vCs!: QueryList<ViewContainerRef>;
5    async ngAfterViewInit() {
6        const dfc = await import('@lib/featureA').then(c => c.lazyComponent);
7        this.vCs.map((viewContainerRef: ViewContainerRef) => {
8            viewContainerRef.createComponent(dfc);
9        });
10    }

This approach provides the benefit of keeping your application's initial load time low while allowing for enhanced flexibility in your code. It's a useful trick when dealing with large, complex applications with numerous components.

  • What are the challenges with importing the router module?
  • How can you lazy load a component without the router module?
  • How is the lifecycle hook 'AfterViewInit' used in this process?
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