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Dennis, Kiya | 09.08.2023

NX Plugin for IntelliJ: A Small Trick for Full Utilization

Webentwicklung > NX Plugin for IntelliJ: A Small Trick for Full Utilization

The NX Plugin for IntelliJ is a powerful extension tool that assists developers to work efficiently with the NX Build System. It provides a plethora of handy features and tools, including tasks and generation UI.

However, sometimes it can happen that not all features are shown up automatically. Luckily, there's a simple trick to fix this issue and tap into the full potential of the NX Plugin.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Just press the "Shift" key twice in a row to activate the search function in IntelliJ.

  2. Type "nx" into the search field and choose the option "NX Console" from the displayed results.

  3. After you've clicked on "NX Console", a new window or tab will open up with the NX console.


By following these simple steps, you have optimally activated the NX Plugin in IntelliJ. The plugin should now be fully functional, and you can get access to tasks and generation UI.

Additional Tip

Another handy feature of this trick is the ability to quickly access NX by pressing the shortcut "Cmd + E" (for Mac) or "Ctrl + E" (for Windows/Linux). This action will open up the "Recent Files" window, and you can type in "nx" to open the NX Console directly.


The NX Plugin for IntelliJ is a valuable extension for developers who work with the NX Build System. If certain features of the plugin don't show up automatically, you can apply the trick described above to fix the problem. By activating the NX Plugin, you get access to tasks, the generation UI, and other features. These will enhance your development experience. Try out this trick and boost the efficiency of your work with the NX Plugin in IntelliJ!


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