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Simon, Kiya | 14.07.2023

Visualizing Geodata in IntelliJ

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To work with geodata efficiently, we often find ourselves resorting to tools like postgis, a potent extension for storing and querying geographical data within PostgreSQL. While PostgreSQL's built-in support for geodata is substantial, readability often becomes a challenge, especially when the output is a dense GeoJSON file.

Fortunately, IntelliJ, a beloved tool within the developer community, bundles a secret weapon for dealing with this exact situation: the Geo Viewer. This utility is conveniently positioned at the top of every SQL result: image

Selecting the Geo Viewer opens up a fresh window where the geographical data attached to the selection is plotted onto a map. This brilliant visualization feature is powered by the robust and versatile, leaflet: image

By accommodating intuitive representation of GeoJSON data, IntelliJ makes it substantially easier for developers to engage with and understand geography data in PostgreSQL databases, thereby simplifying the process of developing geodata related solutions.

Edit: For more on the benefits and updates that IntelliJ has to offer when dealing with geodata, check out Release Note Datagrip 2020.1.

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