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Unearthing TypeORM: A Basic Guide

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TypeORM is a JavaScript library that simplifies your work with databases. It is engineered to make it simpler for developers to work with databases by letting them leverage object-oriented programming techniques. Does this reflect the way you interact with ordinary objects and classes in your code? Yes, it does.

With TypeORM, your database tables can be represented as classes. Then, this tool takes over - it creates, modifies, and queries the database on your behalf. Now you have more time and room to concentrate on crafting your application's business logic rather than grappling with intricate database operations at a lower level.

Concisely, TypeORM is a developer's best friend when dealing with databases in their web and mobile applications.

Hit their official website and Documentation here:

In the same arena of ORM (Object-Relational Mapping), several other alternatives inspired majorly by JPA (Java Persistence API) exist.

In our projects, we've already tried and tested Prisma, MikroORM, and TypeORM, and found TypeORM outshines all for our necessities. It gets our preference as it strikingly aligns with the Java Solutions with which we hold extensive experience.

  • What is TypeORM?
  • How does TypeORM help developers?
  • What are other ORM solutions?
  • Why do we prefer TypeORM?
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