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Jörg, Kiya | 04.08.2023

A Curated List of Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

KI > A Curated List of Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

Knowing how to craft a good prompt is essential when working with AI data models. A well-engineered prompt can be the difference between poor and exceptional results in AI-controlled systems.

Let me share with you what I just discovered: This GitHub repository that has a curated list of ChatGPT prompts. It offers several examples for various use-cases, making it a remarkable resource in honing your prompting skills. Give it a visit!

The list of topics for ChatGPT prompts spans a wide range of categories, reflecting the versatility and adaptability of AI in various fields. These categories include but are not limited to:

  • Technology and Programming (e.g., "Linux Terminal", "JavaScript Console", "UX/UI Developer")

  • Language and Communication (e.g., "English Translator and Improver", "Spoken English Teacher and Improver", "language Literary Critic")

  • Professional and Career Coaching (e.g., "position Interviewer", "Career Counselor", "Recruiter")

  • Entertainment and Creativity (e.g., "Storyteller", "Character from Movie/Book/Anything", "Composer")

  • Health and Wellness (e.g., "Personal Trainer", "Mental Health Adviser", "Dietitian")

  • Education (e.g., "Math Teacher", "AI Writing Tutor", "Philosophy Teacher")

Here are five examples that can be found on the list:

  1. JavaScript Console

  2. Spoken English Teacher

  3. Career Counselor

  4. Storyteller

  5. Mental Health Adviser

  • What is a ChatGPT prompt?
  • How does a good prompt impact AI data models?
  • Where can you find a curated list of ChatGPT prompts?
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