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Simon, Kiya | 29.01.2024

Enhance Your Development Experience with Spring Boot DevTools

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Spring Boot DevTools is a set of development tools offered by the Spring Boot framework. These tools are designed to speed up the development process and boost developer productivity. In this blog, we'll be discussing some key features of Spring Boot DevTools:

  1. Automatic Application Restart: One of DevTools' standout features is the automatic application restart. When DevTools is included in your Spring Boot project, it constantly monitors the classpath for changes and reboots the application every time a change is noted. This feature significantly cuts down the time you need to see your code changes without manually having to stop and restart the application.

  2. Live Reload: DevTools has live reload support, which allows changes to static resources (like HTML, CSS, JavaScript files), to be instantly displayed in the browser without needing a full page refresh. This feature is particularly crucial for front-end development.

  3. Property Defaults: DevTools makes it easier to configure common settings by providing sensible default properties for your app. You can override these defaults in your app's configuration files.

  4. Profile-specific Configuration: With DevTools, you can specify different application properties and configurations for different profiles (such as development, production) without needing to alter the code. This feature simplifies the management of environment-specific configuration.

  5. Disable Caching: DevTools automatically turns off the caching of template files and specific static resources during development, ensuring that template changes are reflected immediately without having to clear the cache.

  6. Diagnostics: DevTools offers diagnostic information about the app's startup, including the list of loaded beans and their dependencies. This can be beneficial for diagnosing issues with bean configuration.

To use Spring Boot DevTools in your project, you usually include the spring-boot-devtools dependency in your build configuration (e.g., Maven or Gradle). DevTools is primarily meant for use in a development environment and is usually turned off in production to avoid unnecessary overhead.

Here is an example of using Live Reload:

1dependencies {
2  developmentOnly 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-devtools'
3  ...


  • What is Spring Boot DevTools?
  • What are the key features of Spring Boot DevTools?
  • How to use Spring Boot DevTools in your project?
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